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12.24.2011 , 03:16 AM | #5
I've been seeing the same thing sometimes since day 1 of early access, but it was pretty rare. However, the past couple days I have been seeing the enemy team have 10 or more people practically every other game. Even had 11 in one earlier today. One of them we had 8 and they had 11, and the game ended early and we lost due to "not enough players" even though we had what is supposed to be the max!

With the amount of times this is happening over the past few days I'm really thinking its an exploit, because it seems to be preforms most of the time its happening. Between the broken raid frames (that has been reported since the beginning of frickin' beta) and this, along with all of the problems with this game's PVP, I have to wonder if they WANT PVP'ers to quit. This is gamebreaking, and after going 8V10-11 for 3 games in a row I just logged off in disgust and don't really even feel like playing right now.