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Nice work. Any news on Matrix Cube for PVP?

p.s: I tried it in PVP it gets bolstered to full expertise and 125 willpower (the Inquistor one obviously)
Since the FR+SA combo I don't think it's worth it.

125 WP is below the bonuses you expect to get from the two procs. Another way of looking at it is that if you get 125 WP that's even lower than the 120 pwr you would get from EWH.

If somebody wants to calculate it in any better way go ahead but my gut feeling tells me that it is worse than the two Obroan relics. Going by this the FA relic has a 77% estimated uptime and even if it only procs once every 21s that is still (6/21)*625=179 WP. The SA will give you the same kind of Power and the Crit increase is likely negligible.

In fact I am going to remove it from the OP.
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