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12.22.2013 , 11:49 AM | #39
We downed it last week, after 10minutes of tactics talk we just one shoot it ^^

Just as a precaution we opted for 5 healers 3 scoundrels 1 sorc 1 commando. We really took our time to get the bosses right on the edge of the phase push und punched them as hard as we could. First boss hit the floor before anyone could take too much damage and we pushed further until all of them were dead.

The Point of this phase is that you have to keep everybody alive. If one person dies the damage output of the bosses (which is fixed) will get devided by 15 and not 16. So it will become harder and harder to keep the rest alive.

One trick we considerd was to keep up the tank to the very last and then he pops saber reflect... This will inflict 100k+ damage to the boss, but is quite a last resort move ...

Have fun downing it. I guess its also quite possible with 4 healers