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12.22.2013 , 06:06 AM | #41
I didn't want to play MMOs, I heard they were addictive. I've had connectivity issues since forever. I used to go to internet cafes to play any online games because I never had a stable connection. Then my mate got me a 30m hardline to run to the router from my computer, instead of wireless, and a new world of gaming opened for me.

He got me SW:ToR, and I haven't stopped playing since about May 2012. My fondest memories are of finally downing that last boss in the hardest Operations out at the time. The anxiety of working with 7 other people I previously had never met before in my life, and working together towards a goal. Each incremental improvement in our attempt, our damage, our healing, our positioning that lead us up to that point where we successfully claimed our prize.

On Gav Daragon, Imperial side, there was a three way race to bring down Terror From Beyond. I loved the same community of people, we all recognised each other, and as a server we all worked together to try and support the server for as long as we could before it was torn from us.

I made new friends on that server, we've met up, had drinks, shared stories. I would've never expected to meet new people this way and I am grateful to SW:ToR for this opportunity. Thank you.