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12.21.2013 , 10:51 AM | #40
Quote: Originally Posted by SenatorPalpaTANG View Post
For the stealthers relying on this, yes.

It's a deathmatch, not hide and go seek. In any other pvp format, abandoning the objective and hiding in a corner until time runs out nets you a loss. And yet some of you think this is meant to be a legit "strategy" in arenas...
I think the people that you speak of are the same people that think their overpowered class is not overpowered and you just need to learn to play.

I think if they get their *** kicked and they resort to hiding they should lose. They did get their *** kicked after all.

This game isn't winning people over with it's spectacular PvP system I will tell you that. Come the new games if they don't have these issues, you might see some more reduction in the player base.