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Have to repeat your sentences as well. Wow, already 2 years?

I have a lot of good memories, will share my top 3.

The first memory is when I actually logged in to the game and had to decide what role I will play. It was pretty much clear for me to play on the Republic side as I am a good guy and can't identify myself as an evil jerk.
Secondly I wanted to feel like a Jedi, so I had to decide between a Jedi Knight and a Jedi Sage. I took the Knight which later on became a Sentinel. I do not regret this decision at all. The story was mind-blowing and so entertaining. Leveling up my char didn't feel like an endless grind of stupid Quests. Moreover it was an entertaining movie I participated in.

Another thing is when we downed Dreadtooth on 10 stacks on Section X back in the days when the level cap was still 50. Wow, that fight was hard and entertaining at the same time. First time you needed to fill an Ops group with 24 man and execute the tactics a 100% to down it. I just liked that you could defeat the boss on different difficulty levels. I really hope you will do some more of this stuff in the future.

The 3rd memorable moment is, without any doubts: Soon™

As I don't wanna talk about bad things around the 2nd year anniversary, I will just say: Thank you BW for an amazing game. Keep listening to our feedback and make this game an even better place!
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