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12.20.2013 , 10:50 AM | #10
I have to say, 2 years really has flown by in SWTOR. Best first 2 years in an MMO ever. Different, but still the best.

Eric, I think almost everyone in the community would agree that you have been outstanding as Community Manager for the player base. Even the games harshest critics for the most part would agree with me here I think.

Amber, you have been one of a few persistent and familiar Bioware voices sharing space with us about the game since launch. I can only imagine the stories behind the scenes over the last two years as you walk the tightrope between the players and the Austin team. Grats on your new gig as Live Producer at BioWare Austin.

Courtney, those of us that have been here since the start I think will agree that your name tag on gold posts have represented sanity and patience in a sometimes chaotic stream of player frustrations. I'm not sure how you do that.. but kudos for what you do. Oh.. and can I haz a copy of that fancy excel spreadsheet in my stocking for Christmas? Yeah....didn't thinks so... but hey.. had to ask.

And, as I recall.. you guys work for Grant, right? And I'm sure he is lurking here... so I'd like to suggest that he makes sure to have lots of cool and special stocking stuffers for you guys.
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