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12.20.2013 , 07:36 AM | #95
It's somewhat unfortunate the the "world" leaderboard ended up with different rules than this one in terms of length. There are probably a good 10 Harbingerites that were represented in the 2.4 thread there, most of whom probably won't bother to reparse with a longer length.

As much as I wouldn't want to redo my crappy parses myself or invalidate others' current parses, it would be nice to have the rules here the same as those in the world leaderboard thread so folks can shoot for both. There are definitely many who hate doing it any more than necessary and having the same rules would eliminate this problem. I still do like the 1.5M dummy as the results are going to be a little more smooth and fewer incredibly lucky and relatively unrealistic parses will make the leaderboards and be held as a "standard." Not sure if it's worth the difference, though.

As far as having so many options with 500k/1m/1.5m, it just seems like meaningful competition would get lost in a sea of so many different results.