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The Dark Side may not give you greater power overall than the Light, but the power you do gain comes with fewer restrictions on how you use it. The Dark Side lets you use your power towards self-satisfying goals, you're able to think of yourself as your own master, and as master over the Force, rather than seeing yourself as a servant to others and an instrument of the Force. That sense of dominance is very appealing to some people - which is why Yoda and others label the Dark Side so seductive.

Think of it this way (using an arbitrary "Power Scale" for the "Force Power" level you're talking about):
You can either be:

Light Side: Force Level 100, but have to put others before yourself, deny yourself earthly pleasures that may lead you astray, follow the will of the Force.
Dark Side: Force Level 95, get to use that power to take whatever you want, whenever you want.

The problem of course is that when there's 1,000 other guys of roughly comparable power level seeking to take whatever they want, whenever they want too, you tend to wind up living a rather short, violent life unless you've got the raw power to continually come out on top, or the cunning to safely navigate the battlefield that becomes your life - but most Sith are arrogant enough to think that they fit that bill right up until they wind up on the end of someone else's lightsaber.
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