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Relax, buddy. I'm glad parsing has new faces, but keep your condescension to a minimum. If YOU read the front page, you'd know it was my thread that structured the current system of parsing and inspired a very long and technical discussion for the community. However, I did mis-read the rules and apologize to OP.
If 1.5 mil is the case, I won't be parsing here and will leave it and future parses for the world/game-wide thread. 1.5 is insanely boring. You'll notice most of the archived 2.4 leaders haven't bothered with 1.5mil yet even though people are getting closer and closer to BiS. Just some feedback.
lol wasn't an attack you on man, was just letting you know. I'm not new to parsing, have been contributing to leaderboard threads since before 2.0, unless 10 months is "new" to parsing.....guess it's a matter of opinion. I didn't bother to read your thread because it should be fairly *obvious* that the new parsing rules should include armor debuff and health buff on the operations dummy. The only argument would be 1 million vs 1.5 million. IMHO 1 million is too short, because it really does not test your sustainable DPS due to the fact that you can get the op dummy to an executable level so quickly.