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I imagine it was something like this :

Twas the night before Life Day, and somewhere on Hoth

Sat a cute festive taun-taun, and his master, Darth Moff.

The weather was cold; it was blowing a gale,

Darth Moff, he was freezing - his skin turning pale.

He turned to his chum, and said 'Taun-taun, my friend?'

'If I don't get warm soon, I'll be meeting my end!'.

'That's awful' said taun-taun, standing up with a cry.

'I don't know what I'd do if you happened to die'.

'I wish there was some way I could come to your aid.'

'But as I'm a taun-taun, I've no clue, I'm afraid'

'Don't worry,' said Moff 'I can think for us both,'

'And I know of a way to survive, here on Hoth'

And then he stood up, and unleashed his sabre.

And although he was freezing, his arm didn't waver.

A horrible cry rang out through the blizzard.

As Moff opened up taun-taun from his feet to his gizzard.

'Not bad' thought Darth Moff, as he climbed deep inside.

'Apart from the smell, it's a good place to hide.'

And all through the night, he slept snug and warm.

And woke rested, on Life Day, safe from all harm.

Happy Life Day Everyone!
Well done!