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But the dark side is not more powerful so it is kinda pointless...
Not in direct conflict. But the dark side means you take what you want and ultimately do not submit to any restraints. The light side can mean that you cease to act and even accept defeat if you an action would be dark. The dark side is always about victory at all costs. Tactically either side is equally strong. Strategically an individual that belongs to the dark side is more powerful, the strength of the light side is unity - but an individual simply doesn't accumulate power.

Hardly anyone chooses the dark side because they deliberately desire to be evil. On the contrary, some Jedi have fallen out of the best of intentions, because they couldn't live with their limitations any more. At some point everyone has to compromise and choose the lesser of two evils. That's deceptive though, the Force polarizes and it's very easy to become the very evil you're trying to fight. The Sith are a different story, of course.

At least that's the way I see it, primarily based on what Yoda says on Dagobah.