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Man just stop. You are not a champion of anything and you see not fighting some righteous cause. We have for the most part understood your frustration, but the reason bioware is ignoring you is because you won't let it go. You won't let them do their jobs but instead make demands. Another thing, don't pressume to think you are what the game deserves because you are not, not even close. So I say again, try to learn some patience. It will be fixed in time.
Its now been over 3 months. That is plenty patient. I would like severe glitches like this one to be fixed in a timely manner. I think that is reasonable for me to expect. This glitch shouldn't have lasted anymore than 3 weeks. 3 months is not a fair amount of time to wait for a glitch like this to be fixed. especially since they have been fixing lots of stuff that's not nearly as important as this one. For example, they have been fixing typos for specific scenes that you only see once. A lightsaber changing random colors when thrown every single time is far worst than typos. So as you can see their judgement of priorities are very poor. So, With this being the case, I think I am perfectly justified to demand and get very angry. So I think I am handling this fairly well.