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12.19.2013 , 03:48 PM | #25
I have read all of the posts here and I disagree with soem things. I don't want to dictate anyone's actions and I AGREE with anyone being able to sell for whatever price they want. I do NOT agree with: People do not have an equally fair chance to acquire the items in question. The only way to get the items at this time in game would be to waste an absurdly large amount of real world money to even have an equally fair chance at the item. The item should be available to be acquired in game some how or to be able to be purchased somehow in the game, but simply should not be only acquireable by having to pay someone (another player) an amount of money they do not deserve. Just make the items more readily available. I am putting the hate-bomb comments out of my mind here and focusing on the real problem at hand.