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It's not my opinion that it's not a problem, it's not a problem. As stated, if you want it, get the creds and buy it. If you won't do that, then you obviously don't want it that badly.
Again, it's your opinion that it's not a problem.

The particular price in this case is probably not a realistic price. It's a mistake or a joke or temp storage or a gold buyer receiving creds. But if it does happen to sell for 40 mil, then it is obviously worth 40 mil to someone.
Then I wish the seller the best of luck if it's a genuine sale

And if you think there aren't plenty of players who can spend 40 mil on an item, you don't know much about working the GTN or the in-game economy.
I guess it's your opinion that you think I don't know much about the in game economy. And I do think there aren't a lot of people who have ever had 40m credits in total at once in this game.

And you know a lot about the GTN and the in game economy?