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Damn! I sure hope not! That would be like saying that the Eradicator set (worn by Sith in the Intro movies) was the Sith Warrior's Character Creation armor (when it is, in fact, the Sith Raider set which is available ).

It really is strange that only the Jedi Knight has yet to see its Character Creation armor made available. That armored, hood-down look is really killer and I would love it on my Sentinel.

Sorry for the derail...
I know it's hardly a comfort, but you can get almost that same look by getting the Valiant Jedi outfit and the Stalwart Defender outfit and picking the chest and boots from the jedi and the legs and gloves from the stalwart.
I'm not sure you can get the white with grey accents look, but you can use any other white combo dye you want... I go for white brown to get the brown robe.
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