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12.19.2013 , 11:21 AM | #168
I would bet actual money that when (yes, WHEN) they release a jedi robe for direct purchase in the CM (or in a pack) it will be one of the KotOR ones.
I do not think they will release anything based on the movies because of the simple fact that they have not done that with any other outfit in the game, but there are plenty of KotOR outfits in the game.
Now, if that is going to be a "reconstruction of the ancient bla bla bla" type replica like the stuff that is usually from the KotOR games or if it is just a "Jedi scholar robes" type thing, I don't know.
But I am very certain that it will not be a set that looks like they do in the movies (well, not to any extent more than they did in KotOR).

But, I am also pretty sure that when that jedi outfit is released, this thread will still go on because some here will not be satisfied...
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