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The problem with games today could be summed up with the words "Call of Duty: Ghosts" aka Call of Duty 10
And more specifically, it's the number at the end of that name that's the problem.
We've had 10 Call of Duty games in 10 years.

When people are willing to spend their money year in, year out for pretty much the exact same thing with minor improvements that could've been split up in 3 (and not 10) games to actually feel like you're getting your money's worth, can you blame companies that do what they have to do to survive, which in this case means producing the same sh*** game over and over and over again, until the consumers finally lose interest and move on to the next series.

If consumers want better quality they need to stop having the patience of a 2-year-old and understand that if you want quality, you need to give the studios time.

So, as long as they keep voting "yes please, give me more of the same crap every year" with their wallets, we'll only ever get Call of Duty 78, Saw 123, Paranormal Activity 50 etc.

PS: I always laugh when I hear people saying it's EA's fault for marketing SWTOR as a "wow killer". I mean... seriously? I've heared that same line used to promote literally any major MMO that's been released after WoW. It's a marketing strategy. If people don't know it by now, they're just not that bright.
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