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Even if we were to accept your premise, that makes 2 - TWO, DEUX, DOS, ZWEI, два, DUE, LIANG - adaptable Jedi outfits in the game. YET, there are 2,736 (an approximation) versions of Alderaanian noble outfits in the game. Aside from the closing moments of Episode 3, non-orbital Alderaan is not depicted in the movies. SO, I think it is reasonable that we get at least 1 or 2 alternate Jedi outfits.

Two points 1) to be consistent with this logic BW should remove alll Smuggler, Trooper & BH outfits that are similar to those outfits depicted in the movies 2) as Alec pointed out, BW used traditional Jedi outfits in KOTOR (300 years prior in the timeline) and in promotional material to support SWTOR.
There are plenty of "traditional" Jedi robes available besides the ones I mentioned. The people complaining won't ever be satisfied with anything they add to the game. Stop wasting time splitting hairs.