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Jolee Bindo's and Relnex's set meet most of the "requirements" you listed.
Even if we were to accept your premise, that makes 2 - TWO, DEUX, DOS, ZWEI, два, DUE, LIANG - adaptable Jedi outfits in the game. YET, there are 2,736 (an approximation) versions of Alderaanian noble outfits in the game. Aside from the closing moments of Episode 3, non-orbital Alderaan is not depicted in the movies. SO, I think it is reasonable that we get at least 1 or 2 alternate Jedi outfits.

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Question - if people want the "traditional" Jedi robes, so to speak, then why is that even a request. What we see in the movies is 3000 years in the future - it is not the tradition, let alone the style of this time period. I have no problem with most of the robes and armor we have in the game now - at least we can see something change in the 3 millennia between now and then. I don't want the game to look more like the SW of the movies, I would much prefer it remain on its own - in its own time period. That's part of the fun and attraction of the SW lore and IP - that it actually is a different time period and thusly should have a different look.
Two points 1) to be consistent with this logic BW should remove alll Smuggler, Trooper & BH outfits that are similar to those outfits depicted in the movies 2) as Alec pointed out, BW used traditional Jedi outfits in KOTOR (300 years prior in the timeline) and in promotional material to support SWTOR.
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