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I love how all the BW drones simply disagree with any negative comment. Maybe you should actually read what I said, instead just disagreeing because Bioware can do no wrong.


I think I speak on behalf of everyone, including those who choose to skim my posts rather than read them (and in fact this paragraph is probably the only thing half of them are reading) when I say that no one wants a dev team, community team, or any team that is guilty of falsehood or incompetence.
1) I'm a Biodrone? Not sure that word means what you think it does, if that's the case. Unless you think it means, "somebody that doesn't think *everything* BW does is a sign of intentional deceit or incompetence", but that doesn't seem to be what you mean.

2) You don't speak for me. Ever. You may occasionally say things with which I don't disagree, but please do not mistake correlation with causation.
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