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I'm confused why this is an issue. There are plenty of robes in the game that look like traditional Jedi robes. Hell just leveling through Coruscant you get 3-4 of them.
Arrrrgh, how many times to we have to repeat ourselves? xD

- Skin tight pants
- Hoods up permanently (no up/down variety at all outside of the cartel market)
- belts outside of the robe
- short sleeves
- Only primary dye colour applies (can't turn it all-black as the vest will always remain light brown)
- Not adaptive --- Sith/Consulars won't wear the simple gear

Not good enough after two years.

Apart from those few relatively simple robes (Battle Expulsor for example) with the above mentioned features, everything you get beyond Taris has plenty of unnecessary additions and armor paddings. :[ Would be nice to finally get something everyone can look at and say "It's a Jedi outfit I know!"

I am not here to 'cause havoc like certain people who were banned in recent weeks. It's just the only thing I want to feel... Complete. :l You wouldn't understand!
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Almost 3 years old and there are still no iconic / classic / traditional / prequel-style (pick any!) Jedi robes in the game! How come?

Also how about letting players wear the robes that are already in the game but not accessible to them? - Cool compilation of Jedi outfits worn by NPCs.

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