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I love how all the BW drones simply disagree with any negative comment. Maybe you should actually read what I said, instead just disagreeing because Bioware can do no wrong.

He said it was a tech limitation, that it wasn't possible, *after* it had already been done. Only when someone pointed it out did he conceed that it wasn't really a limitation, it was just a developer decision that was likely to be controversial. So he just tried to make everyone happy by telling them that it was the best of two other, worse, options.

Unfortunately the players who've been here long enough remember specifically the argument given for the way Grey Helix Component work, which is that they were designed so each player would have the same, so those with more 50s couldn't have an advantage over those with less.

So no, I don't believe it was a mistake. Do you really think Eric thinks it's a tech limitation? He's not a dev, so he wouldn't know... On the contrary he has multiple characters in the game and I'm going to bet that he probably has bought cartel packs... Not only that, he was probably the one who told us of the Cartel Market Certificate change in the first place. Do you really think he thought it was a tech limitation? Yeah, sorry, I'm not buying that.

But let's say that he did. Let's say, for whatever reason, that he was fully convinced it was a tech limitation. There are two possible reasons for this. One, it was told to him by the devs, or two, the devs were busy and he didn't bother them, so he decided to make a guess, despite of course the yellow text which told us of the Certificate change in the first place...

So let's say he didn't make a guess, because if he did, it probably wouldn't have ended the way it did. If in fact he was told by the devs, that could mean a few things. One, the devs made a dumb decision and wanted to cover it up. Two, the devs didn't even know of the Cartel Certificates, which probably means someone was fired rather recently. Three, someone else wrote the code for the Cartel Certificates and the current devs (whichever devs are related to this) don't even know how to take that code and apply it to the grey helix components.

Excluding a guess by Eric (which of course wouldn't have claimed it a tech limitation in the first place with his multiple toons and the possibility that he was the one who told us of the change to begin with), the only reasons this could have happened were either incompetence or falsity.

I think I speak on behalf of everyone, including those who choose to skim my posts rather than read them (and in fact this paragraph is probably the only thing half of them are reading) when I say that no one wants a dev team, community team, or any team that is guilty of falsehood or incompetence.
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