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Wait, what? So essentially your point is "Oh, um... I guess you found it out, I'll have to ask the dev team if they want to change it"?

I mean, you literally just completely lied. It's not a tech limitation. It has never been a tech limitation. We've known since the first gree event that the reason they're bind on pickup is because you didn't want the people with more 50s, you know, those people who put more time into your game, to have an advantage over those who didn't care or didn't support the game quite as much.

I'm sorry, but this is a bit over the top. If the community manager is going to straight-up lie about something we've known the contrary answer to for over a year, who can we trust?
Lighten up Francis...

Seriously there is a big difference between lying and having misinformation or inarticulately providing the right information. Lying requires that he knew the correct answer and chose to give an incorrect one. Do you really believe that is the case? I'd be willing to bet that was the information given to him by a developer. I'd even bet the developer thought that was the truth. Pre-Cartel market it probably was the truth.

I believe it has been posted before that the Cartel Market has a separate dev team from the main game. So it is entirely possible this was implemented by that team and the main game team didn't think about it.

Note that there are many differences between cartel market items and other items, collections and the bound for a time then tradeable being just a few of them.

So relax. They are taking our feedback. Something may change, or it may not. We'll wait and see. However, they are listening and hopefully we'll see a change.