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I haven't seen this, but are we really sure this is a censorship thing? There are so many pieces of gear with visual bugs, this just sounds like a new one to me. This wouldn't be the first time that someone's logged in after a patch and noticed that their character's gear didn't look quite right anymore.

Regardless of the cause, I do hope it is fixed (along with all the other bugged CM gear, sigh). The fact that this is a super sexy piece of gear doesn't mean that the people using it put any less thought and care into their character's appearances than people with, I dunno, more traditional looking outfits.
I believe it was done on purpose. I might of thought bug myself but along with the obvious patch on the butt they also raised the bikini to cover more up the back. Extending it higher shouldn't be just a bug unless the game somehow reverted to a pre-bata concept model that was not actually deleted from the code.
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