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12.17.2013 , 08:49 PM | #32
Wow, how did you actually manage to make this MORE pathetic? Are you seriously implementing NEW content before you even considering trying to fix the 'old' stuff? Bioware has now become the darth vader of the game dev's world: Started out good, then went downhill faster than a lead mining cart made of grease and butter.

Last message I wrote was extremely long and addressed most of my compaints, so if you actually want to try taking customer feedback into account for once, its on the original GSF discussion forum for you. Along with atleast one flame post by a butt-hurt player stamping his/her foot because they didnt think of all those things. I don't know I stopped looking.

But after patch 2.5.1 finally downloaded this morning I figured I'd give GSF a go again. Now people are actually lagging/pinging out so badly it might as well be a god hack because its impossible to hit them seeing as they warp about 100 metres per second. So a ping filter needs to be added. And no, before you ask, this was not an issue with MY ping because it was only happening with 1 player. plus, you know, sub 200 ping on hoth.

This. Is. An. Absolute. DISGRACE! And NOT putting locks on people's power? NOT balancing it out? Are you insane? How is a new comer supposed to get 20 metres past the first asteroid when they die as soon as they are so much as glared at by the enemy? THAT is what you call business strategy? Good grief, no wonder you guys lost so many subs. This right here, is the reason: Raw, blatant, unfathomable stupidity. If you don't start making better decisions, you're going to keep bleeding players.

Fix the bugs first, make the content less simplistic/stupid second, balance out the equipment, start punishing the trolls, everything in my previous post, add a ping filter, grab a coffee, go home and sleep, have a ****, and a whole other lot of **** after that but ADD content before the previous content is barely functional? DEAD last. Although if you did so much as half of what you should be doing, you might as well scrap the whole system now and go back to the drawing board.

Same old crap: MOAR MONEH!