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Wait, what? So essentially your point is "Oh, um... I guess you found it out, I'll have to ask the dev team if they want to change it"?

I mean, you literally just completely lied. It's not a tech limitation. It has never been a tech limitation. We've known since the first gree event that the reason they're bind on pickup is because you didn't want the people with more 50s, you know, those people who put more time into your game, to have an advantage over those who didn't care or didn't support the game quite as much.

I'm sorry, but this is a bit over the top. If the community manager is going to straight-up lie about something we've known the contrary answer to for over a year, who can we trust?

Tbh, this was one of the most candid answers I've seen BW give, and it's the sort of tech info that I find interesting. Unfortunately, this is why we (I) can't have good things, since there are always people that don't understand or don't want to understand why things work the way do, and not the way they want.

To recap: Eric said that when they developed the Gree event, they had three options for currency:
1) BoP Stackable
2) BoL non-Stackable
3) No-Bind, Stackable

What he didn't say, but that should have been obvious, was that there really was a fourth option -- spend additional development time creating a BoL Stackable item (event currency) type.

Eric said (and the earlier quote cited supports him saying) that BW wanted the rewards to be tied to character earning the rewards, so BW eliminated option (3).

Since the rewards are BoL, it doesn't appear that BW minded that the *legacy* of the earning character shared in the rewards. However, if BW had chosen (2), please don't pretend that a lot of people wouldn't have complained "what? nonstackable?" Given the price structure, effort needed to obtain the currency, and likelihood that many people would not have spent (or been able to spend) all of the currency during the initial run of the event, it's 'very likely" that many people would have ended using lots of cargo/inventory space to store currency. So, (2) really would have been an annoying option.

So, they chose (1) since it fit their goals and didn't require additional code changes.

The Cartel Certificates are just a red herring -- from what Eric said (and as a programmer, I can easily visualize this), Cartel Certificate code is separate from the Gree currency code. Does it (did it) have to be this way? No, but it's in no way unlikely.

tl;dr: Eric's explanation is consistent with what BW said in the past, and with how large programming projects work.
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