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What exactly happened?
Thought I did a OK job at explaining LOL. Apparently someone thought dancer bottoms are too revealing so they tried to clean it up I guess but it looks horrible now. Across the buttocks is a square and its distorted making it obvious there is a distorted square across the buttocks.

It is hard to notice unless your in a cutscene but its impossible to miss when you are. It's so messed up looking it distracts you from anything else going on.

To the post above this one. Of course the characters looks are very important. It's very hard to get a unique look in this game and much more one you personally like. Add to that the dye system and once you mix and match enough armors to find something acceptable, you've spent a great deal of credits to simply have the game change your look to something unacceptable and forcing you to start over with another big expense.
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