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12.17.2013 , 07:52 PM | #1
My character's look. This is far worse then whatever you was trying to fix Bioware. far far worse.

I'm trying to think of a proper PR and maybe PG way to explain this but there really is only one way. This patch has given my character a rather large feminine hygiene product. My character is wearing dancer bottoms and now poking out of the sides in the rear is a huge square distorted in color from the normal skin color. What else can it be but a ... you know?

Who's the lunatic that complained about dancer bottoms and why have you tried "fixing" it only to destroy it? There was nothing wrong with the way it was, there was no nudity at all.

I don't spend my time starting at cartoon derrieres but I noticed this the very 1st cutscene since your cutscenes do like to zoom in on derrieres. Given that fact, why haven't you changed the cutscene angles too? Seems just as bad as whatever you was trying to fix here.

Anyway, the look of my character is now ruined, it was my look, i don't care if anyone else likes it or not and there was absolutely nothing wrong with it but you Bioware had to listen to some nun or someone and as a result has ruined my character's look. That is something you just don't do in a MMO. I got so disgusted I just logged out, came here to rant and I guess I'll go log into somewhere else that does not distort things that honestly do not need distorting.

Can i get some sort of explanation please? What good are patch notes when you leave things out? That seems a common occurrence I've noticed with many things in this game.

Screen shot:
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