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Wait, what? So essentially your point is "Oh, um... I guess you found it out, I'll have to ask the dev team if they want to change it"?

I mean, you literally just completely lied. It's not a tech limitation. It has never been a tech limitation. We've known since the first gree event that the reason they're bind on pickup is because you didn't want the people with more 50s, you know, those people who put more time into your game, to have an advantage over those who didn't care or didn't support the game quite as much.

I'm sorry, but this is a bit over the top. If the community manager is going to straight-up lie about something we've known the contrary answer to for over a year, who can we trust?
I agree with this post. I don't find punishing people who have put alot of time into your game to be a good solution to anything.
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