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These are really helpful posts. Thanks to all who have contributed. But I am still confused about two naming conventions that appear to be accepted to refer to item modifications.

First, people keep talking about crafted level 66 purples. My understanding is that this means crafted items that require level 53 to equip. But such items don't list level 66 anywhere on them (at least in game that I can see). How do I tell what items are level 69, 66, level 63 and level 61 etc.?

Second, jboehm states "that a 69, 63, 61 setup is BiS for mainhand/offhand/armor (if you don't need the pvp set bonus)." I take it that the "69, 63, 61" refers to some combination of the armoring, mod and enhancement. What order is being referred to?
when you actually equip the mod, a number will show up next to it.
(66) Advanced Might Hilt 28
Hilt (Item Modifications)

Total Stats:
Weapon Damage/Power Rating 156
+74 Strength
+61 Endurance

In bold is the "item level". If you want to see this in game hover over a piece of gear and the item number will appear on the right side of the modification stats.
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