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Well I'm trying to get good enough gear to do competitive ranked. So I guess I have to Augment each one of my pieces and then get the pve purples. Good lord min/maxing is expensive
Well part of what this thread is trying to convey is that, more than likely, what you are already wearing is close enough, and spending tons of time and credits is not exactly needed, outside of augments and stims. If your crit is around 20% and your multiplier is around 73-74%, you are fine...

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I think I've got the crux of what you're saying, but I have a couple questions.

You note the purple 66s reach the DR for bolster and recommend the purple 61s and 63s. Did you do any testing with blue 66s? It's been awhile since I've looked, it may be that the purple 63s are better than the blue 66s, I just can't remember.

I have blue 66s all the way across in my PVP gear, except for the pieces I've now upgraded to Conq/Obroan for the set bonus on my Mara. My expertise last time I looked was still bolstered up to 2017.

One of the first things I upgraded was to an Obroan relic (can't remember the name, but it was the recommended one for Maras). And I'm using the matrix cube in the other slot for now. Any data on how the matrix cube is bolstered vs. the a second Conq or Obroan relic?

And I got slightly confused with the implant section. Are you saying that crafted implants are still BiS? Or that they are better than Conq but not Obroan?

Thanks for all your work on this!
I didn't try blues as they are below the cutoff, but again, the difference between blue 66 and purple 58's are minor. Players should choose based on "what is the cheapest". Whether its by getting planetary comms, buying from the GTN, or crafting them yourself, choose the path of least resistance before you hit 55, and you will be fine.

For the implants, see my post above. BiS can mean a lot of things. If you value stat diversity, then the Crafted Purples are BiS (my stance). Some people value raw attack ratings more, but in the end, they are soooooo damn close, it really doesn't matter, so long as you augment either.
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