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It's absolutely absurd that someone can be fully min/maxed in the highest tier of pvp gear and not be BiS for PvP. But given that Bioware continues to insist on using their deeply flawed bolster system in rated pvp, players have a right to know how to properly utilize that system if they truly care about being BiS for top-tier pvp.

This is a good guide; that said, I would recommend you take another look at 2 sections of your guide and consider editing the original post to be more accurate.

The answer to whether Obroan is BiS for non-weapon, modifiable pieces depends on your class. If your spec in your class needs the pvp set bonus tied to the Obroan gear, then yes, "Obroan is BiS for PvP on non-weapon, modifiable pieces." However, if your spec in your class either doesn't need the pvp set bonus or needs a pve set bonus, then you should not be wearing Obroan.

(For example, Bioware in their infinite wisdom removed the 15% boost to Kolto Cloud from the pvp set bonus in 2.0 so now it's only found as a pve set bonus. Therefore, it is preferable for healer scoundrels to be running a 2 piece pve set bonus for pvp.)

If you don't need the pvp set bonus, then Obroan is not BiS for non-weapon, modifiable pieces. Instead, you should be running a 69, 63, 61 combination, same as your mainhand/offhand. I suspect the reason you chose to show setups with straight 58's and straight 61's is that you don't have the necessary 69 and 63 pieces, but it's probably a good idea to make clear in your guide that a 69, 63, 61 setup is BiS for mainhand/offhand/armor (if you don't need the pvp set bonus).

Once again, the answer to whether Obroan is BiS for PvP on non-weapon, non-modifiable pieces depends on your class. What we're really talking about here are the "Experimental" level 54 crafted implants. And again, the genius of Bioware comes into play.

(The "Experimental" implants each exist with different secondary/tertiary stat combinations depending on whether it's an aim, cunning, strength, or willpower piece. In order for the implant to be BiS over Obroan, it must have a ton of power on it. It will only have a sufficient amount of power if a green version exists with power as the original secondary stat so that it can be possible to reverse engineer it to a purple where the only secondary stat is a massive amount of power, rather than having to split the secondary stat allotment between power and crit.)

An "Experimental" implant with power as the only secondary stat does not exist for cunning and strength, but does exist for aim and it might for willpower though I'm not positive. This means that if you're a class that uses aim (possibly willpower), the "Expert Experimental" implant will be BiS over Obroan.

Bolster has no place in ranked pvp, but if Bioware insists on keeping its broken system in place, pvp'ers need to know how it works and how to deal with it since pvp gear is not BiS for pvp.
Thanks for the reply.

As for the "Experimental" implants, yes there are no "Power" heavy ones for STR and CUN, but the purples I have on my Mara can be RE'd to have 4 secondary stats, while the PvP ones only have 2:
(64) Expert Experimental Might Package [Superior]
Total Stats:
+94 Strength
+114 Endurance
+46 Accuracy Rating
+62 Power
+52 Critical Rating
+62 Surge Rating

(67) Obroan Vindicator's MK-1 Package
+145 Strength
+156 Endurance
+150 Expertise Rating
+72 Power
+68 Surge Rating

Since the Surge stat has a huge DR and most people are carrying it elsewhere, that Surge difference is moot. The difference in Power equals 2HP in favor of Obroan. So you get Free Critical, Free Accuracy, and END/MAIN/EXP are pretty much equivalent due to bolster.

One thing to keep in mind is that this is geared (pun intended) more towards new entries and returners. I also am trying to be somewhat class independent as spec/class does play a role in "what to wear". In all, my point is that, set bonus excluded, most PvE gear combinations yield stats that are on par with BiS Obroan, so it is far more important to focus on the stuff that matters, L2P, Augments, and stims.
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