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12.17.2013 , 04:30 PM | #1524
Wow. Two years. Countless broken promises. Still no speech bubbles in sight. That's it for me.

I've been faithfully subscribing to this game in hopes for this promised feature to be added even though I couldn't really enjoy the game without it, but enough is enough. Two years without any firm date for the feature to be added in sight. It shows that Bioware and EA doesn't care about their customers anymore. All they care about is ripping them off while lying to their faces to keep them paying for features they promised yet never truly planned to deliver.
You have lost a loyal EA and Bioware customer since the early 1990s who has bought virtually every game that came out on any system I owned for good due to this. Bioware and EA will never ever see a cent of my money again. And I'll gladly recommend everyone to vote with their wallets and do the same. That's the only thing Bioware/EA will listen to, it seems, as there is no reasoning with them.

For those that will remain and keep fighting for chat bubbles, the original poster, Sawney, Ganden and all the others that I didn't mention by name I truly wish you'll get them one day. For me, that hope is gone, as I don't see it ever happening. I'd love to be proven otherwise, however.
Add Wookiees as playable species (solution to voice over problem: MT-D Miniaturized Translator Droid!
SUBSCRIPTION WON'T BE RENEWED due to the lasting lack of CHAT BUBBLES and how long-term subcribers are treated by EA/Bioware.