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I have to say, page after page youve gone to great lengths to argue against something that can in no way effect or harm your gaming experience. Youve spent a decent amount of time trying to derail the efforts of those interested in this for no other reason than to either troll or because you have an inherent need to argue with others.

How in the world is these traditional Jedi robes causing you so much frustration that you NEED to battle it out with those asking for it?

Heck..Ive seen no one state they need to be free, no ones stated they shouldnt go on the CM, no one has argued that Jedi dont wear armor as youve accused people of stating. Theyve only commented that traditionally Jedi dont typically use armor and that even in the promotional work from Bioware most of the Jedi wear little to no Armor and that they are indeed wearing nothing more then robes.

As a Community Manager has already stated, theyre working on it. So your arguments against those in support of this is futile. And theres no telling if the Developers took note of what was being asked or if they felt there wasnt enough traditional Jedi wear in the game. But its likely that both influenced their decision to do so.

Claiming that theres gear in game that is similar enough for you to accept doesnt mean that thats the final word on it or that everyone else should follow your cue. Its Star Wars, and more importantly its the Jedi. People interested in RPing or simply looking the part are going to be critical of this. And they SHOULD be as the Developers can just as easily go off the beaten trail entirely and start adding all sorts of craziness as if they havent already. This game is just as much ours as it is Bioware/EA/LucasArts as we the customers can demand/request/refuse things regarding this game.

Theres nothing objectionable about the robes. Theres absolutely no reason to argue it in any sort of manner besides the need to feel as if youre standing between someone and what they want.

Id give you some advice to give it a rest but I know already that as long as this topic is alive and going, as long as those robes arent in game yet. Youll do your best to come in here and remind people you needlessly disagree with them.
I have nothing against people asking for things to be implemented in the game.
But most (not all, but most) people who are very active in this thread and on this subject in general are not asking for it to be implemented, they are demanding it.
They are saying things like "the outfits in the game are not true jedi outfits" and "bioware is ignoring the lore".
Those are the type of statements that got me to react.
I am fine with them implementing more outfits in different styles, and if one of them happen to be the "movie style" jedi outfits then sure.
But don't come here stating that it is impossible to look like a "real" jedi in this game, because that is just a lie.
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