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I have a good memory

But in all seriousness, I think they don't necessarily mean opposite things. The system could be like this with such (good) rewards because they can't technically make the helix's as BOL. But I would still like some clarification on this.
Not necessarily...if you look at eric's quote he said that they specifically wanted the gree tokens to be earned, not traded or sold or whatever. BoL isn't trechnically doable right now, so the only option is to go out on toon at a time and earn. and Jesse's comment doesn't conflict with that. She's saying that they wanted you to EARN them per character so someone with limited charectars wouldn't have a significant advantage. no matter which side of the cow your looking at, Bio still wanted them as BoP.

And as stated previously, there are other weapons available from other fractions that are always available. so it's not a rarity thing. it really just boils down to this :

Even if we were to somehow convince Bio that Jesse and eric were making up reasons why Bio did it, it should be obvious at this point that BIo meant to do it.
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