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You are right, the answer was given yet people think they have been invited to discussion. I personally feel that people answering the questions in forums are not authorized or not qualified to participate in these discussions. Suggestions and questions are mostly based on hypothetical conditions, while anything posted can and will be used against them.
Just to add one more thing, responding to customer feedback is also very vague. In most cases an answer to a feedback is "thank you for your input." If you were in this position you would realize that you can not agree nor disagree with customer opinion. You just accept it and provide response based on current company policy. There is no discussion involved at all.
This means that asking a question, receiving a response then asking a 'what if' follow up question, is not likely to get a response.
This is a bit off topic, but I do agree with you...they're in a "no win" position where every word is dissected unfairly...but they know that going in to the position and have to act accordingly. Letting your customers know they're being heard and valued is still important, even if you can't get the answers they wish, the least we should have is a "Just wanna let you know I'm passing this feedback along" once in awhile. Right now, Dev Tracker goes back 2 freaking weeks...that's excessive.
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