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I think I've got the crux of what you're saying, but I have a couple questions.

You note the purple 66s reach the DR for bolster and recommend the purple 61s and 63s. Did you do any testing with blue 66s? It's been awhile since I've looked, it may be that the purple 63s are better than the blue 66s, I just can't remember.

I have blue 66s all the way across in my PVP gear, except for the pieces I've now upgraded to Conq/Obroan for the set bonus on my Mara. My expertise last time I looked was still bolstered up to 2017.

One of the first things I upgraded was to an Obroan relic (can't remember the name, but it was the recommended one for Maras). And I'm using the matrix cube in the other slot for now. Any data on how the matrix cube is bolstered vs. the a second Conq or Obroan relic?

And I got slightly confused with the implant section. Are you saying that crafted implants are still BiS? Or that they are better than Conq but not Obroan?

Thanks for all your work on this!
lvl 66 blues are 148 rating and are below lvl 63 purps which are 150 rating, and they do get fully bolstered.

Dps BiS relics are spenditious assault (power proc) and focused retribution (main stats proc). Just to give you an idea, spenditious assault gives 187.5 power (625*6/20) and focused retribution provides minimum 196.875 main stats with inquisitor buff (625*1.05*6/20). Matrix cube is no where close. Even conquer provides better stats than matrix cube.