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Hey folks!

The answer to your question may not be what you are expecting, it is actually technical limitation which is causing the Gree currency to be character bound. Within our current system we had a few options:
  • The items are character bound and stackable (the way it works currently)
  • The items are non-stackable and bound to Legacy. (we did not choose this option to avoid a cargo bay somewhere full of currency)
Those were our options from a tech standpoint and our justification for the decision we made. Hope that makes sense!

just to clarify.... aren't the cartel market certificates both BoL and stackable? I realize it went through a few iterations to make it that way (they were first stackable and BoP, then they were BoL and not stackable, but now they're BoL and stackable)

I'm ultimately indifferent either way. I think the current implementation is fine especially since the things you buy are BoL, but I guess I just wanted to point out that not all items fit those 3 descriptions.