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Hey folks!

The answer to your question may not be what you are expecting, it is actually technical limitation which is causing the Gree currency to be character bound. Within our current system we had a few options:
  • The items are character bound and stackable (the way it works currently)
  • The items are non-stackable and bound to Legacy. (we did not choose this option to avoid a cargo bay somewhere full of currency)
  • The items are fully tradeable (these are meant to be earned, at least for now)
Those were our options from a tech standpoint and our justification for the decision we made. Hope that makes sense!

why would BtL not be stackable?? how is that not a design option? in a way, reputation trophies are legacy because they add up in reputation total.

so is this the new paradigm? make it so content is only worth running on one toon? this is exactly what happens with GSF: there is little benefit in running on alts. when and why did devs decide that they don't like people using their legacy for what is a central aspect: you use the in your legacy to benefit the legacy as a whole and to benefit single characters by running content with the rest of them.

I would be more prone to accepting this non-BtL currency if it weren't that the event was limited time, which is frustrating at best. at least with BBA i can pass my completed contracts to asks to run kingpins and I can buy rep items based solely on rep level that I still had to put the work into to increase and dull feel like I've gotten something done before the event goes away. total BS imo to design around a subset of players who are clearing content "too quickly."

I mean come on! i agree when what others have said: it really seems devs are starting to drag stuff out just so they can avoid less frequent new content.
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