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12.17.2013 , 11:00 AM | #152
I wouldnt mind some robes.

While I dont openly RP I do have a character built up in my head. When hes traveling from warzone to warzone hes got his Ven Zallow/Kao Cen Darach Armor on but Id really like some traditional robes to 'meditate' in whenever I go to the Fleet or if I decide to revisit Tython for whatever reason.

None of the robes in game besides the Intro Video inspired Armor even interest me as they dont feel 'Jedi' like in the least. With all the extra clips, armor attachments (the shoulder padding on medium armor robes for Jedi Sent), the cris-crossing straps, and the random accessories. And dont get me started on the pants.

I can understand the armor that we see in the Intro Videos. Theyre fighting a war and its better to have cumbersome armor on rather then catching a blaster bolt you were unable to block due to numerous possible reasons. But most of the armor/clothing choices for Jedi in this game make me shake my head.

All the while Smugglers get cool bomber jackets, Troopers get their Armor that seems to be 3000 years ahead of its time, and the rest seem to get some choices that are better fitted to their class.
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