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I would love for someone to explain the logic behind why the Gree event currency ONLY bound to character event currency.

Rakghoul Event (original event): Rakghoul DNA Sample no binding; earned from dailies and blowing up.

Chevin Grand Acquisitions Race: Token of Enrichment no binding; earned completing the quest and in random boxes on Nar Shadaa.

Gree Event: Gray Helix Components bound to character; earned from heroic daily, weekly kill of HM and SM kills of Xenoanalyst 2 and one time quest to talk to Gree bots on bunch of planets.

Bounty Hunter Weekly: Completed Bounty Contract: no binding earned from completing a daily and 6 weeklies.

Rakghoul Event (new one): unknown
Up to CZ and BH Week there was no other legacy weapons than Gree ones, so I suppose it was intentional... as there are reputation ones that are bought with credits - I hope they change that.
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