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- tanks getting thrown up in the air with full health and then insta killed.
I believe the boss casts Driving Thrust immediately on the tank who was knocked in the air. As a healer on this fight, I have observed tanks being hit for 36K damage. Keep the tank with aggro pegged at 100% HP to avoid the spike deaths.

- tanks running thru boss when he cast his wide AoE push - but even when far behind him, tank was still pulled back and pushed out of healers reach.
Make sure your tanks jump as they move behind the boss. This forces a server/client character position update so the server knows that the tank is out of the AoE. This is also the trick to use to ensure the server knows you are out of Anti-Gravity Field on the Corruptor Zero fight in Dread Fortress, or any other AoE for that matter.
I haven't had that tank instant death after knockup problem but one of our tanks had, then he said something about not jumping (I didn't listen all that much at that moment was busy Healing) that seemed to have fixed it.
(would explain why i didn't have instant death Problems since i don't jump but stop moving as soon as I'm out for most AOE mechanics)

(when he does that 120 AOE we usually try to move through him then lag comes into play... to cause the system to refresh your position you can either jump or stop)