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Interesting topic. My two cents on the subject is that its rather sexist.

Skimpy gear for women, but nothing for men, not even something showing a shoulder comes off as a bit awkward. I wouldn't say seeing women in skimpy gear is over saturated, but it is loosing their appeal. I remember when I first saw it, I was like that's really dope. Now its like kind of lame, being that my companion Risha looks extremely awesome in white and brown arctic type gear, wondering what kind of Republic player would subject their female companion to such harsh environmental conditions dressed like a dance slave for Jabba eons later. It takes away from the realism.

In my opinion, skimpy gear development should stop entirely until the Cantinas are finished, where the Pazaak tables work and you could actually sit down on the chairs you see, etc, etc with added features like buying drinks and getting drunk (where your skills and stats are lowered) forcing you to hang out until you sober up and Cantina brawls. That's when the skimpy gear should be made available - and to be fair for our female gamers and the male players who want to see it we should definitely have skimpy gear for male toons. The 1960's died along time ago. The gender bias in sci fi was tackled and handled in the 70's and by 2013 we shouldn't be at the level we're at. I guess we have regressed in our state of mass consciousness.

That's my opinion on skimpy gear on female toons. If its going to be done, do it right. I want to play STRIP PAZAAK in some random Cantina on Hutta with a Female player who wants to see some leg and abs. Or else, how am I going to play Pazaak with a female gamer if I got nothing to offer? I ask to please fix the gender bias and to please finish the Cantinas.
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