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But you want dancer dresses for male characters apparently. This will make SWTOR the "drag queen" game in the eyes of the media and I think it may be a step too far for a number of players. It may be my misunderstanding but a man in a dress is something that is associated more with the gay community and therefore my link to same gender stuff. It's a larger issue if you will. Bioware have to consider the feelings and opinions of all player groups and some are larger than others.
*Shrug* We have dresses for men in the game, and not only the classical robes, but for example the elegant dress, the genteel dress and even a miniskirt (which has a bug where it sprouts unnecessary leggins on male characters). I just was in a flashpoint with a male knight who nevertheless looked rather cute in it.

So far the sky has refused to fall, the american christian right failed to have one million moms campaign against it and the outcries of unsettled gamers about this unmanly style of clothing eluded me. It may be that the feelings and opinions of your implied large player groups aren't that easily upset.