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12.16.2013 , 03:50 PM | #15
These species should definitely be in game. It's ridiculous.

Since before this game went live, several different screen shots hinted at more species being available. And yes, some will say "Those screenshots were from an early unfinished build of the game and you shouldn't have taken anything from it other than 'this is what the game will sort of look like'".

Well I'm a little pissed about that, to be honest. We saw Jedi Kel Dors and Togrutas as well as a Sith Chagrian.

And with all the promises the developers made for this game, you'd think they'd give us something more than : Red human, normal Human, blue Human, green Human, blind Human, Human with horns and so on.

Why is it that SWG did a better job with species than a game that was released in 2012? Galaxies had Wookiees, Bothans, Rodians, Mon Calamari, Ithorians, Sullustans, Trandoshans.... WAY better options than what TOR has.
I suppose getting a lyrium tattoo of breasts on my chest would make things better...