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Well, I've played Galactic Star-fighter enough to give my two cents:

*Over all I like GS, but it does have some minor flaws.

*Why can't I alter/upgrade my ship while in Q? I feel that this is a silly rule that needs to be fixed. I'm not doing anything else but sitting there. Why make me hold up my team in-between matches?

*Can we map the 1-4 ship abilities to a different button? Or at the very least allow me to reassign then as I see fit? I play on a 47 inch TV & it is VERY difficult to look down at my keyboard to push a button & then back up to my TV in a type of game-play where every twitch and second counts. I get killed more often than I get kills when trying to use said abilities. I'd personally like to see them mapped to the scroll wheel.

Overall grade: A-

PS: When are getting Galactic pod racer?
1) This is done because the matchmaking system looks at how upgraded your ships are (as in how many tiers of upgrades you have purchased) and uses that to try to match you with similarly geared players. Upgrading components while in the queue would likely screw with that system.

2) As the person above me mentioned, you can change this under Preferences.