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12.16.2013 , 01:39 PM | #90
I wonder if the "criticism defenders" in this thread actually read the OP? He stated specifically what type of posts that are bothering him, yet the "criticism defenders" are talking about how the "biodrones' are in full force in this thread because they can't stand any negativity about SWTOR. But that isn't the issue. OP is talking about the newly created, dummy accounts, that are obviously trolling. But if that is unacceptable, then I can only assume that the "criticism defenders" of this thread, are in fact trolls. I mean, the first openly hostile comments in this thread are about "biodrones" so who is being aggressive and hostile towards others' opinions? OP who asked a question without aggression? Or the ones who answered him without calling anyone out? Or the people who called the people answering the question "biodrones"? It's the third option, fyi.

Right? Right.