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I mean there could be so much more going on in the game if someone just organized it.

:2 hours of valor and bolster in outlaws den
:raid bosses attacking kaas city or even the FLEET
:NPC invasions of random friendly zones
:double XP drop in/drop out Open space combat
:Mining events like 2 hours of awesome drops in specific places like again kaas city and so on
:2 hours of faster crafting
:Po'Companion'mon load into arenas with ur companion and u can only control their quick-bars
:Pet-Hunts (and realy they need to be respawning when their available who the hell re-clicks them after every Ops just sayin)
:2 hours of PVE coms drop-chance in certain places
:gambling on naar shaddar (i also seem to remember a droid race back in the day)
: tickets to load into ranked arenas as a spectator in spectator boxes (grey out quick bars)
:add a form of bolster and access to coruscation for imps and DK for pubs lowbies can insta-gib their enemy's for 2 hours but also have 55 enemy players spawning in random areas, will you defend your own young-lings or invade?
: hunt down Revan (he is hiding somewhere in the galaxy as a world boss, find him and call for re reinforcements, defeat him for rewards) once u target him he throws up a shield that requires a 30 man group to beat lowby worlds could bolster any player in the fight perhapse?
These are freaking awesome ideas!!!! AWESOME IDEAS!

Please keep these ideas around...great and easy suggestions!
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