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12.16.2013 , 12:20 PM | #161
They will not and cannot respond to every single bug issue reported. I have reported some in the past with no response.

I do not expect them to respond to my bug report everytime I post something. I post it and leave it at that and wait until the next time they have a patch. I check to see if the bug has been fixed, as it is normally listed in the patch notes, and then I go see if it is fixed.

If not I will post it again and leave it at that. Bugs happen all the time and they will get fixed when they get fixed.

There was a problem months back with HK which reset your mission if you were on it back to the beginning. My boyfriend and I were working on it and it reset ours back to the beginning. I reported the problem and bioware fixed it for both of us . I was polite and not demanding.

There are things they can fixed something easier and there are times it takes awhile. We have no idea what is causing a bug and they have to find out.
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